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Or, a few sources may be listed at the conclusion of the essay. Individual artistic creations became less radical and started to step down from abstraction to concrete representations. Themes about WWI the paper will include are weapons, vehicles, aircraft, ships, the frontline and support.

In particular, the program in which the government appointed the artists as war correspondents has resulted in some of the most exceptional artworks of this century.

Each image should have a simple, clear legend and an attribution as to its source. In this paper I will analyze how wars were fought before WWI and how during the war, new advancements changed the future of warfare.

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These changes were prompted by the fact that a new wave of social-thinking was taking shape and eventually affected the manner by which the society reflected itself. For my first source I used information from an online source.

It is incumbent on the author of any essay to obtain permission to publish any other image. In point of fact, one of the few reliable sources is embodied by soldiers songs. The outbreak of WWI saw a number of unexpected changes take place within the common social strata. You should list yourself as author with your appropriate academic or other identity, status, and rank.

By extensively using primary sources and brief profiles of both notable and everyday Australians during WWI, the exhibit gives a holistic view on life in Australia during the Great War.

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Primary Sources