Writing a good thank you letter to donors

Thank you letter for donation of money

Your fundraising thank you letter should go out within a week of receiving their donation, preferably sooner. Be sincere. Chances are that they might have a favorite cause that could use a boost. Penelope Burk always says donors want a prompt, personal thank you before they are willing to consider a repeat gift. Very sophisticated information and references delivered in a simple graceful fun style. Show some thoughtfulness. If you ever need me to help with a charitable cause of your own, please let me return the favor. Be positive and upbeat. One little boy with severe cerebral palsy learned how to sit up tall on his horse. We would be delighted to see you there. Nothing is more important than the thank you. Set the stage for a future relationship.

His mother was so proud and said, "I never thought he'd be able to do so well. A really prompt TY note impresses your donor. Because she built her confidence by riding, one little girl is no longer afraid to be on the playground swings.

Do be concise. You could email a thank you videosend a bouquet of flowers with a thank you note, mail a postcard with a photo of the people the donor helped, or deliver a personal gift that you know the donor will love.

Writing a good thank you letter to donors

I love this idea — because it makes the donor feel personally more connected. But this makes fundraising passive when it should be active. Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash How to write a donation thank you letter Dec 19, Whenever you ask people how to fundraise for a non-profit, the conversation immediately goes to how to get new donors. For the last forty years, research has shown that investing in women and girls has ripple effects through a community. We would love to keep you in the loop with our emails and newsletter. Show some emotion. Chances are that they might have a favorite cause that could use a boost.

And to her own holiday season. If you want to keep learning about how this kind of communication impacts your donors, check out our recent article on how to make the most of your donation receipt.

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When you can, share stories in your thank-yous. Because of you, we can keep helping older people in distress.

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The attached thank you for attending a special event letter can be sent to anyone who has attended a charity benefit and has contributed money to do so. The key points to remember are: The thank you letter should be about them, not you.

If you really want to make your donors feel special, send them a notecard and short, personal message!

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Thank You Letters Donors Will Love