Use of medication in social care

Generally, all eye drop devices have been developed to make self-administration as simple as possible and to help improve patient compliance and reducing reliance on others to help with this task.

The man died from a pulmonary thromboembolism and deep vein thrombosis. This Act also is designed to prevent the misuse of controlled drugs. Policies and procedures must reflect on legislation to ensure they are carrying out tasks such as administering medications in the correct manner.

These too should be documented on the medication administration record chart MAR chart and on relevant care notes to alert all staff if the medication is accidentally prescribed and administered.

Adverse effects are unexpected or unwanted reactions to a medication. The service was rated as requires improvement for the three key questions about safe, effective and well-led.

This should be documented to prevent the medication from being prescribed and given to the individual again and so that whoever is administering their medication is aware of the problems with that particular medication.

In the absence of a decision from the person concerned, there can be no question of stopping medications at the request of a family. In the past, doctors used to write prescriptions in Latin and many instructions on prescriptions today are still written in Latin but in an abbreviated version.

If we find any discrepancies we must inform the prescriber or pharmacist immediately.

medication policy and procedure for home care staff

We should treat the symptoms following medical advice or take the individual to hospital.

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