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If he chooses to leave the big city firm, he will lose not only his reputation, his admiration of family and friends, but a significant chunk of income to the tune of a million dollars a year.

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In the nine years since he began cranking out legal thrillers, court cases have become a national obsession, ratified and fed by a horde of celebrity lawyers offering predictions, commentary and play by play on everything from O.

Because Grisham gives us no insight into Michael's emotional makeup, because he defines him purely through externals -- what he wears, what he drives, what he earns -- he is unable to make his transformation from well-heeled yuppie to penniless advocate of the homeless the least bit understandable or authentic.

Matters are not helped by Grisham's atrocious dialogue. This is a man who thinks that his new dedication to the homeless has made him a saint, but who worries that his shiny new Lexus will be stolen while he's ministering to the poor. This leads to the severing of his links to his previous white collar life, as his already-dying marriage officially ends in an amicable divorce.

Resumos Relacionados. Brock finds his way to the 14th Street Legal Clinic, where he meets Mordecai Green, an advocate for the homeless. This novel, still a page turner, left me feeling empty on second reading--there is no mention of God unlike some of Grisham's other books.

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One problem with this stilted, jerry-built novel is that Grisham has never been particularly good at creating characters with any real emotional depth, and in "The Street Lawyer," he's chosen to tell a story that's more character-driven than ever before.

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