The similarities and differences of the two sacred architectural wonders the parthenon in athens gre

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The inclination of its columns which also have a clear entasisis continued by architrave and triglyph frieze, the external walls of the cella also reflect it. Some Greek temples appear to have been oriented astronomically.

Chryselephantine comes from the word chryso gold and elephantine ivory.

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However, the Athenians were always practical: the gold regalia which clad the great statue was designed so that it could be removed for safekeeping. Architecture[ edit ] Floor plan of the Parthenon The Parthenon is a peripteral octastyle Doric temple with Ionic architectural features.

In her left hand she supports both a spear and her shield. Temples, treasuries, and stoas then, with their various orders and arrangements of columns have provided the most tangible architectural legacy from the Greek world, and it is perhaps ironic that the architecture of Greek religious buildings has been so widely adopted in the modern world for such secular buildings as court houses and government buildings.

In a funeral oration delivered in B. Low angle perspective of columns of the Parthenon at sunset, Acropolis, Athens. On the long side, the sima, often elaborately decorated, was equipped with water spouts, often in the shape of lions' heads. Appropriately, the theme dealt with the birth of Athena, which took place in the presence of the other gods and goddesses. In the Doric order, the entablature always consists of two parts, the architrave and the Doric frieze or triglyph frieze. Arches weren't perfected until the Roman times and Greek architecture depended on large numbers of thick columns to support a structure. It took five years to build and was left unfinished, probably because of the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. Zeus had developed a splitting headache and great pressure in his head, for which he could find no relief. Theatres were used not only for the presentation of plays but also hosted poetry recitals and musical competitions. Tethrippa of Helios and Selene are located on the left and right corners of the pediment respectively. Many houses centred on a wide passage or "pasta" which ran the length of the house and opened at one side onto a small courtyard which admitted light and air. Nearby was a sacred olive tree that is said to have miraculously sprouted new growth overnight after the sacking by Persia. When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author.

Abouttons or marble was used. The Temple of Nike on one side of the Propylaea is a small and relatively intact temple honoring the God of Victory. Although the lines and distances in the Parthenon appear to be straight and equal, the geometry has been altered to achieve that illusion.

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A Comparison of the Parthenon and Stonehenge