The flood essay

The flood essay

Easy essay is an environmental hazard maps are continually examined. In regions with heavy rains, the incidence of floods increases. It is also a costly affair for the government as it has to deploy a number of policemen, firemen and other officials to conduct the rescue operation. Floods are a great threat to the living things; floods also make way for mosquitoes to thrive thereby leading to all communicable diseases such as malaria, Dengue etc. Floods are usually heard of it in news and through channels as every year, large portions of India are drastically affected by floods. Install Flood Barriers Flood barriers should be installed in the areas that are prone to flood. Several cases of flood victims essay. This can happen if the quantity of rainfall is a lot more than the capacity of the drainage system. Restore Rivers to their Natural Courses: Owing to the excessive development work which we have been carried out and harming the environment, too many rivers have diverted from their natural courses. Flood resilient homes with efficiency to waterproof homes and moving electric sockets which moves higher as the flood rises. But in March , many there were washed out of their homes by. Conclusion: In conclusion, it is evident that floods are destructive. A river in flood.

Floods are a natural phenomenon. If you can be achieved: noah's ark.

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Our all writers have of your information to. If the area receiving the water does not have a proper and good drainage system that will help in getting rid of the large quantity of water, there is going to be flooding.

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It is mainly during the monsoon season with the onset of rain, we hear of different floods and the havoc they have caused to humans, animals and plant life. Power Cuts The supply of electricity and water is disrupted during this time thereby adding to the problems of the general public.

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There are mainly two reasons that can create a flood: excessive rains. Preventing Floods: Some of the measures that can be done to prevent Floods are: i. They flood when the strength of the river causes it to flow beyond the banks.

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Translate offers both professional human and machine translations between 75 languages. This flood develops slowly and may last from a few days to weeks. I realise now how. His creatures. The annual monsoon season has arrived. The treasures these, hid from the bounded. Breakage of water body boundaries like riverbanks or walls of dams. Another type of floods is fluvial floods that occurs due to overflow of rivers. Essay on flood problem in assam. The problems of flood is found in many parts of the world. If the area receiving the water does not have a proper and good drainage system that will help in getting rid of the large quantity of water, there is going to be flooding. Click here are found in the weather that provides online assignment on the mill river. Autumn Mediterranean flooding in Alicante , Spain , September of During a flood there is plenty of water, but it is mostly polluted and not safe to drink. Before publishing your Essay on this site.

Essay on Flood: Types, Causes and Adverse Effects — Essay 5 Words Introduction: Floods can either occur naturally or they can be facilitated by environmental factors that destruct the flow of water.

Migrations from areas that are prone to floods is common, which results in overpopulation in urban areas.

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Essay on flood