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How to start a gym from scratch

Set up business accounting Recording your various expenses and sources of income is critical to understanding the financial performance of your business. Form a legal entity Establishing a legal business entity such as an LLC prevents you from being personally liable if your gym is sued. What will you name your business? Keeping accurate and detailed accounts also greatly simplifies your annual tax filing. The larger the facility and the more equipment needed, the more you need to accumulate before starting. This is a gym company designed uniquely for the feminine world to improve and maintain their fitness level with great care and support of other great women in the premise. Therefore, launching the Baker Street with one of the biggest gyms in London specifically for young girls and ladies as well as women is a unique idea. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get the help you need.

It's been tempting at times to take on more members but it would take away the personal service we offer. For instance, if one of your fitness instructors injures their self on your gym equipment or your receptionist suffers from repetitive strain injury caused by computer work.

You may find that instead of starting a gym, you want to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Starting up a small group fitness training location will be much cheaper than opening a hour equipment based franchised gym.

opening a gym checklist

If you take on an investor, make sure everything is documented in a legal contract. Make sure you have someone who knows business and has had experience operating a business to go through the numbers and your plans with you. Opening a gym via franchising The costs of opening a gym and running a gym can be less if you pursue the fitness franchise route.

Use professional rates when doing your budget. Exercise comes in many forms and most commercial gyms will offer group classes, as well as an area for individual fitness training.

If you're going to sell food and drinks at your gym, you must comply with Food Hygiene Regulations. In addition, many of these gym and fitness centers employ very little to no staff, which makes startup costs and barriers to entry low.

Other places may be less expensive.

how to open a gym with no money
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A Successful Trainer's Advice on How to Open a Gym