Rising cost of college textbooks essay

Textbook prices are too high

We as students, therefore should take a stand and change the way we acquire their textbooks. The magazine broke down textbok publishing costs: NACS no longer receives information from publishers about where textbook money goes, but as recently as , they provided that cost breakdown. Even with financial aid and scholarships, the cost of a college education can still be very taxing The cost of college textbooks has increased by an alarming amount of three times the rate of inflation, approximately 1, percent. Recently, Smithfield High School bought Apple IPads for their high school students to use in place of hardback textbooks. Buy an electronic edition: Many textbooks are available as e-books, and the costs will often be less since there are no material, printing, or shipping costs associated with an e-book. What to do? Encourage professors to assign readings especially ones students are asked to pay for that maximize long-term educational value. You'll need to talk to your professor to see if earlier editions of a book are acceptable for your class.

This often means that they send free review copies to potential instructors. I would like to hope that textbook publishers who I know are financially suffering are in conversation not just with authors seeking book contracts but with faculty members who can share their own assignment practices, along with personal experiences about how students are voting with their feet regarding purchasing and reading decisions.

What to do? As demand has grown, so has technology which has steadily increased cost. Copyright: The publishers of large anthologies of recent writings need to pay copyright fees to every author in the book. One member of the class balked. One player that faculty members generally leave out of the equation is the publishing industry, including not just the companies whose names are on the spines but the people who print the books, supply the paper and ink, and operate the presses. Thesis: Students should be knowledgeable about the problem of textbooks being too expensive to purchase, therefore they should take a stand and enforce a new plan to reduce the cost of textbooks for college courses. There are a lot of people who would make these sacrifices, but they do not have the resources, such as money and car for college, even if they do have car they cannot afford college tuitions.

Not all professors are sensitive to cost, and some will even assign expensive books they authored themselves sometimes collecting royalties in the process. Copyright: The publishers of large anthologies of recent writings need to pay copyright fees to every author in the book.

The low volume of published books and the lack of market competition drive publishers to jack up prices. The need for institutions of higher education to find ways to make textbooks more affordable to their students is stronger than ever. Publishers need to keep their books up-to-date by releasing new editions frequently.

These days, assignments that used to call for complete books are being slimmed down to single chapters or articles. Other failures include allegations of cover ups, secret waiting lists and inappropriate performance bonuses paid to executives and employees while veterans died waiting to receive medical assistance.

Public Interest Research Group reports that two-thirds of students have refrained from purchasing at least one assigned textbook because of price.

According to the Government Accountability Office, publishers often include supplemental materials such as CD-ROMs and access to websites, which drive up the sticker price for textbooks.

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Many people feel that college is no longer an option financially.

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High Cost of College Textbooks Essay