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Because, now a days banking business is very much competitive and competitors always offer interest rate, lower operting charges for different accounts.

From general practice, it is known that an employee is not recommended for promotion unless two years have passes since last promotion.

Dhaka bank limited annual report 2018

In addition to cash itself, it will often take into consideration highly liquid assets such as certificates of deposit, short-term government debt and other cash equivalents. It was Like the technical skill of Assistant Officer to Principal Officer, it is very important for this position also Based on the performance review and competence review, the appraiser writes down the most applicable grade to the employee. Revenue includes net interest income interest revenue less interest expenses plus fee income. The next part is the most vital part. The Bank started its commercial operation on July 05, with an authorized capital of Tk. To what extent did this individual meet your expectations of work quality in areas you indicate as important: Exceeds. Sometimes experienced employees of other Banks are directly recruited for the offer and SPO positions but it is not very frequent in Dhaka Bank. AVP can do many of their work by the knowledge gathered through working experience. The cash position is a sign of financial strength and liquidity. It gives us an indication of the confidence that investors have in the future prosperity of the business. Dhaka Bank recruit people from both the sources depending on the position for which the recruitment will made. This approach is known as management by objectives. Literature Review Ratio Analysis: Ratio Analysis is the starting point in developing the information desired by the analyst.

Dhaka Bank also arranges various seminar and workshops for the managers. This was caused by big increases in shorter term securities. So we can say that the second important factor after identifying the qualified people is grooming them for the desired performance.

It is the competence review. Securities with maturity over 5 years rose from The performer building activity designed by the HR management of Dhaka Bank Limited can be categorized in three groups.

financial performance analysis of banks in bangladesh

Net Operating Margin: A measure of how profitably the firm is operating. With time this revolved and became one of the most booming private sectors of our country. Interested candidate may also apply through online.

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Satisfactory performance Effort in coordinating activities and sharing responsibilities are appreciable. Insufficient data: Some essentials information could not be collected due to confidentiality of business. With time this revolved and became one of the most booming private sectors of our country. The higher the cash position indicator, the better. To what extent did this individual meet your expectations of work quality in areas you indicate as important: Exceeds. This report consists of the results of the study on time series ratio analysis and financial performance analysis of a listed private commercial bank in Bangladesh that is Dhaka Bank Ltd. This policy also motivates the existing employee for better performance and gives a growth opportunity to them. The figures used to calculate the ratio are taken from the company's balance sheet. From then, it improved in Our vision is to build a society where human dignity and human rights receive the highest consideration along with reduction of poverty. Dhaka Bank Ltd. The higher the percentage is better, because that means the company is doing a good job using its assets to generate sales. At this level, training programs are not arranged as frequently as it is arranged for the level of Assistant officer to Senior Principal Officer. After that, the selective candidates from the application pool are called for the written test. As they are new in the bank as well as in the industry, they need intensive orientation training for their better performance.

For conducting the paper both primary and secondary source of information are useful. In the early s, the Government began to reform the financial sector. After 4 or 5 months, the bank arrange a intensive training program on banking which is 42 days lang.

Government puts pressure on these banks to provide loans to SMEs and individuals.

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Financial Performance Analysis of Dhaka Bank