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This study is very restricted as it is based solely on surveys. The use of monitoring of any kind during procedures has not always been used.

Capnography is the measure of End-tidal CO2, a technology that is being studied for use in procedural sedation.

Miner, J.

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Changing the location and availability in the studies performed in each article supports a design that improves the quality and safety of nursing care. Oximetry Welliver, measures the oxygen saturation of the blood and is an indication of oxygenation.

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Professional values, relevant healthcare policy, and availability of resources also play an important role in the quality and safety of patients who required nursing staff. Although not all of the studies showed a definite improvement in the recognition of respiratory complications, but there is enough suggestive evidence to consider the addition of capnography monitoring to procedural sedation. No additional limiters or filters were used as the pool of results was small to begin with. The use of alcohol based hand rubs was increased in both units with monitored electronic hand wash counters installed in each room. Data was collected by a standard survey that all staff members in the Emergency Department were invited to participate in, which could be a threat to validity, which is a cause for concern. The stakeholders that should be included in the discussion about adoption of this technology include materials management, anesthesia, nursing and the medical staff involved in procedures. Increased use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and successful eradication of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from a neonatal intensive care unit: A multivariate time series analysis. When you begin to write questions for this statement, make sure that you are familiar of the current conditions of the patient s. Observation of the emergency department staff and hand hygiene is done in a two and a half month period. The PICOT question deals with everyday nursing practice and how alcohol-based hand hygiene can be improved through better location and accessibility. Nominal level of measurement was used to show characteristics, such as length of stay and nurse: patient ratio, of the east and west SDUs during the study period Nieswiadomy, It requires ample time to create questions as well as for finding the respective answers.

Yarchi, D. This may have been due to unfamiliarity with the monitoring equipment or improper use of the sampling equipment.

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The study did not meet the criteria of this analysis, which is the use of capnography during sedation for invasive procedures. Neenan, personal communication, June 4, The Hawthorne effect is one reason for the improvement in with hand hygiene Nieswiadomy, The article was published in the American Journal of Infection Control. The O is associated with the outcome, which is the improvement of nursing staff. In order to maximize training resources, it may be necessary to create self-studies that individuals can complete at their own pace, followed by demonstration to an instructor of their competence to read and interpret the capnography waveform as well as the numeric values. In areas without monitors that can be upgraded, stand-alone capnography monitors could be used to supplement the traditional standard monitoring. Most of these areas have monitors that are capable of adding modules to be able to monitor a capnography. Increased use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and successful eradication of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from a neonatal intensive care unit: A multivariate time series analysis. The article is considered nursing research. Once the scope of training is determined, education planning must include the number of people who must be trained and the time per person that is required to ensure accurate use of the monitoring technology. This allows for the ability to now monitor EtCO2 levels in patients undergoing sedation for procedures and test. Nurses could have a busy load and the use of anti-bacterial sanitizers can be easily forgotten.

There may be other factors associated with the spread MRSA other than nurse-to-patient contact and bed occupancy. Under standards of professional performance, standard ten states that the registered nurse contributes to quality nursing practice, and standard sixteen states that the registered nurse practices in an environmentally safe and healthy manner American Nurses Association [ANA], One major risk with using any type of sedation is respiratory depression.

Clinical Question Throughout the years of nursing many research has supported the use of alcohol-based sanitizers in the risk reduction of nosocomial infection in patients with prolonged hospital stay.

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