Nokia business level strategy essay

Of the products launched, 34 had colour screens and 23 were camera phones.

Nokia business strategy

Left scheme:The strategic Intent speaks for itself. Intensive market research and quality of the labor force employed ensure the corporations stays ahead in meeting customers demand and adoption of the latest technology. Nokia Experience Centres. The Nokia insider who knows why it failed warns Apple it could be next.. Power of substitutes other mobile telecommunications products The high to very high power of substitutes results from the high price and performance levels relative to the existing handset technologies. The choice of the strategies by Nokia Corporation aims to create both long-term and short-term maximum benefits to the company. The European Commission is striving to make Europe the "world's most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy" Nokia is involved in the cluster development process, including establishing research in Sweden, clustering with other international IT companies to focus on wireless technology; these include Compaq, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Motorola and Microsoft.

As one can see, this focus on design marked a first strategic decision towards growth and success. The key idea in this strategy is cost reduction and diversification of both products and markets.

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So Nokia has already been through one successful change programme, turning itself from an unfocused conglomerate into a focused mobile phone producer.

Meeting of minds: Nokia joined with Microsoft to strengthen its position in the smart phone market. The most outstanding fact reflecting this idea is the average time of obsolescence of a smartphone which is settled in 9 months. In turn the suppliers have significantly benefited from Nokias rapid growth.

Yet the next big shock for Nokia was the launching of the Android OS as a free version in However, Nokia is setting up a new joint venture in the Chinese national capital one year into reorganising its China business for obtaining top handset sales in the country.

Nokia must be able to have an intensive marketing plan to ensure success and apparently, their experience to eat the humble pie won't happen again.

Nokia corporate strategy

Unlike traditional wireless retail stores, Nokia Experience Centres don't actually sell devices, but provides a service of featuring Nokia's full line of products and then referring customers to nearby retailers if they wish to purchase the devices. What makes you cringe? Promotion Nokia targets the business segment and the consumer segment in two different ways. In the low to mid range market segments, there is a moderate to high sensitivity to price variations, however in the high end segments, price is less important over style, value added features, innovation and convergence with other technologies. Nokia understood very well to implement a strategy in the early stages and understood the need for design for its phones. Beyond the fact that 1G meant an incredible technological advance, 1G network brought the possibility of connecting more people, not just the ones who could afford expensive telecommunication services. Studies by Kozami indicate that such business strategies are the courses of action at each department in an organization, and they allow the corporation to serve identified customer groups according to their needs and specifications. The idea behind any corporate-level strategy is to deploy resources to achieve the maximum value out of them. Their former strength as being a very innovative company was undertaken by Samsung, a company that basically appeared from nowhere and made innovation its core competence, outpacing Nokia. PESTLE model Political Domestic Government Support The Finnish government has long been supportive of the telecommunications industry, resulting in the number of cellular phone subscribers as well as the number of Internet connections per capita in Finland used to be the highest in the world. This however may prove to be harder than it appears, as independent Chinese and Taiwanese handset vendors are able to offer cheaper options. These business strategies provide guidelines to the managers, owners and employees to follow in the business. Indeed, the first mobile cell could only call whereas nowadays phones can send emails, use skype, use Microsoft office, take pictures, play films, listen to music, etc. Mass marketing and market segmentation are the two general approaches to marketing.

Nokia has opted not to possess its own semiconductor production, choosing to buy its components. Nokia Networks focuses on developing 5G, which is due to replace the old 4G It has seized downstream processes as bases for competitive differentiation and invested in regional downstream activities.

Nokia business level strategy essay

In the past year, Mr Ollila has added two new business units: a multimedia unit, concentrating on more advanced handsets with imaging or music capacity, and an "enterprise solutions" unit. Final Conclusion and Recommendation Sources 1. A system that suited the need of modern smartphones far more than Symbian did. The company's buildings both HQ and internationally feature natural wood, large windows, warm colours and areas designed for recreation, fitness centres and saunas. Diversification strategies and wide production of products in the telecommunication industry makes the company adaptable to both…. Nokia believes that technical skills are easier to assess and to learn than personal skills, which play a critical role in the company's team-driven culture. The cellular industry can be divided into two parts: the mobile handsets and the cellular infrastructure In the process of doing this, the company uses its competencies to gain, enhance and sustain its strategic or competitive advantage. There has been a high increase in net sales from emerging markets including India, Russia and Brazil. There is a high buyer propensity to substitutes that offer better and more recent technologies and value-added components. The company's business model relies on churning out huge volumes of standardised phones in its own factories around the world. This date marked a shock not only for Nokia but as well for the whole smartphone industry. Furthermore, it resulted in many delays for products and innovations which threatened and partly destroyed customer satisfaction a lot.

Thus, aggressive product development and increased customisation of style and design can renew Nokias market position and provide future increased market position in the high-end segments Schwartz, 10 Future Strategic Developments Marketing Directions Targeting End Customers A recent development that Nokia intends to utilise in more markets is the establishment of?

According to studies by Kozamibusiness-level strategies provide a broad direction to the organization as they provide the most competitive interaction, and competitive advantage is the ultimate goal.

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Nokia Business Level Strategy Essay