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Economic factors Economic changes may affect our operating results costs, forecast sales and profit.

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If the cost trends are less supporting e. Both people and businesses are cost-conscious. Therefore, there is a potential opportunity for growth as older generation may have more time to spend on leisure activities such as travelling.

This was much cheaper and faster than telephone booking for both EasyJet and its customers. The firm has flows of information, immediate updating of prices through the use of new economy technologies, resulting in maximizing profits.

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Thus, EasyJet has followed the customer matrix price strategy for the purpose to maintain competitive advantage sustaining benefits while reducing price. Most of its operations were outsourced; it maximised paperless operations: telephone booking was essentially used for reservation as well as ticketless check-in to minimise waste.

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There are three major segments of customers in this sector: price-conscious business passengers, non-business passengers and quality-conscious business passengers. In general, prices are low early and will increase as the departure time arrives.

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This is an international and attractive event which may generate a lot of profit for EasyJet as the Olympics are well-noted worldwide. EasyJet doubled its routes and henceforth operated within 12 routes; it expanded its areas of activity from 2 to 5 countries The UK, France, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland. Not only did this help reduce distribution costs but also improved efficiency. There has been 5. Secondly, it ensured reliability and consistency through an impressive record of ontime departure and arrival. In a globalised and challenging marketplace, we must always remain proactive by being constantly on the lookout for latest technologies e-commerce, aircraft manufacture. Every region- the east, west, north, south and center - has five airlines. Many customers are eager to save money during this period. Additionally, EasyJet used secondary airports to eliminate unnecessary costs. Flexible ticket-holders will also benefit from automatic speedy boarding, no booking fees and a checked in hold bag at no extra cost. Firstly, it promised to ensure safety through highly secure travel to its passengers based on an efficient flight management system and data. It helps the firm in maintaining a hassle free and reliable service.
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EasyJet unveils strategy and strong results