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However, the purpose of measuring IT performance particularly includes non-financial indicators, as the following questions demonstrate: How efficient are performances of employees and IT users?

Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to effectively fit the selection of frameworks with the need for improvements. The correspondent analysis for this part will follow in Chapter 5. The second group of risk contains external circumstances that include changing industry regulations or laws, but also technological changes that impact either IT strategy or business strategy, or both.

This is a new framework and hence the global roll out is evolving gradually.

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The SOX is a good, but only one example that requires compliance and that needs to be managed by IT governance. However, for some topics you already might have all the info that you need from a previous assignment that you might have completed. As efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental for the present thesis, both will be explained at the end of this chapter. According to Krcmar, even though market dynamics require quick changes, a corporate strategy can be fixed up to 20 years; the plan for IT applications can be fixed up to 15 years before replacement [Krcm, ]. The goal of this thesis is to build a model that helps maximizing IT governance efficiency by supporting CIOs in their decision making on using the most appropriate frameworks and standards. To explain the meaning behind IT governance and its interrelationship with corporate governance, this chapter will first illustrate the embedment of IT governance into corporate governance and will classify its objectives. What are the causes of the phenomenon? Board of directors as a successful mechanism of corporate governance. Measuring IT performance is essential because it enables executives to adjust and renew the previously defined IT strategy in order to optimize the value-creating processes compare Figure 2, p. In Chapter 3, different surveys and research studies will be used for identifying frequent key IT-related problems that occur in practice. These questions cannot be solved easily without defining numbers.

However, increasing the amount of processes will most likely result in an increasing number of processes that are not directly needed. Corporate governance best practices in the developing world- a unified perspective.

This, however, first requires identifying all IT-related problems, which is the purpose of this chapter. The business strategy defines how to achieve critical success by creating competitive advantages internally. However, the complexity of the company-wide goals of IT governance already fosters H1.

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According to Weill and Ross, organizations with superior IT governance have at least 20 percent higher profits than others with poor governance [WRBC, 6].

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