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Most tragic of all was the death of Quaid-e-Azam. State's capacity to invest domestic resources for research and dialogue around these ideas can produce phenomenal benefits.

Owing to poor governance, the government is losing control over law and order situation. States having Good Governance are capable of fighting any crisis even with the meager resources.

Empowerment and professionalization of Establishment Division would hold key position in this reform process. Successive military coups have weakened the political institutions. Corruption has become a norm in our society rather than the exception.

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Secondly, lack of meritocracy and politicization of bureaucracy has promoted nexus of bunch of ambitious bureaucrats and ruling politicians to pursue vested interests at the cost of national interest.

Political parties don't choose or change their heads democratically. High inflation has always penalized the poor more than the rich because the poor are less able to protect themselves against the consequences, and less able to hedge against the risks that high inflation poses.

On a slightly different note; an oft-neglected - or least understood - fact in Pakistan is that businessmen are nowadays most influential and effective ambassadors of their countries.

It is a sort of deluge which is engulfing our country and giving rise to many problems.

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New dams and barrages must be built without putting national and political stability at stake. Media can prove to a vibrant factor in motivating public participation in national decision-making processes and can also create the awareness of rights and duties among the general public.

Minorities live freely and exercise their religion.

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