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Notably, eXtensible Business Reporting Language is an implementation of XML extensible markup languagewhich is a specification that is used for organizing and defining data online. Financial concepts appearing on business reports more often than not stem from regulatory documents issued by authorities.

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It distinguishes between concepts that have more generic or more specific meaning. First, it provides a reference to a document which explains how and where the element should be presented in terms of its placement and labeling.

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XBRL was developed in with version 1. Using the label linkbase, multiple languages can be supported, as well as multiple strings within each language. There may also be different labels for different purposes.

The definition linkbase provides taxonomy creators with the opportunity to define different kinds of relations between elements.

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The study considers that these errors are serious, since XBRL data are computer-readable and users will not visually recognize the errors, especially when using XBRL analysis software. Calculation Linkbase[ edit ] This linkbase associates concepts with other concepts so that values appearing in an instance document may be checked for consistency. Reference Linkbase[ edit ] This linkbase associates concepts with citations of some body of authoritative literature. On an academic level, Mr. For example, there could be a list of words that are excluded from the names, e. Business reports are in general prepared in the form of tables or statements or other structures. It showcases our continuous excellence in technology innovation. Additionally, big taxonomies such as IFRS obey specific rules of naming and labelling to ensure consistency within the schema. He is a key catalyst to the organisation's growth and in maintaining high build-up levels. Compare Investment Accounts. Current Assets are split in Inventories, Receivables and so on. An example is provided below.

The standard has evolved significantly through the development of additional XBRL modules. Sign up for our newsletter Submit.

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