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George was smaller, but he was smart, friendly, and crafty, which George lacked. In his novella, Of Mice and Men, two men go on an unexpected journey in search for their dream of happiness.

Essays for of mice and men

They also always had someone to talk to, which Crooks lacked. Is it because he is happy that Lennie is not going to be around him this time and that he can go and do as he pleases without having to have Lennie tag along and put George in an awkward position with the rest of his fellow workers?

If you stand in the way of obtaining their goal they may be likely to step over you to get to it.

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I will be responding to the question describe an important character and explain how the character helped you understand an important message. She made the choice to marry a tyrant of a man and is now forced to live with the consequences of her decisions. John Steinbeck wrote the book Of Mice and Men in He spends all his time planning how their farm is going to be and the jobs they are all going to do. When he turned four he was given a pony this was the inspiration for his later series of stories the red pony It focuses on the barbaric relationships the men on the ranch including George and Lennie start to develop with each other as the novella progresses. The way that Candy sees it is that he is not hurting anyone and that there is no reason to have to end his life prematurely. George was smaller, but he was smart, friendly, and crafty, which George lacked. What drove Candy to defy the trust his loyal companion of years? Their relationship helped me to understand that they both rely upon their friendship to survive as they are completely different from each other. These men were lonely, unable to find love companions. Readers are positioned to accept the unattainability of the American dream during the great depression. Background A.

Everyone they come into contact with on the ranch feels a sense of isolation from the other workers as well as from society George who is a small quick witted man gets Lenny out of any predicament. The Great Depression was a distressing time in the history of America as the unemployment rate was high which in turn led to poverty and hunger.

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Leaving the reader pondering the true theme of the story. Steinbeck uses characters and events that take place in the novella to display his views not only towards the American Dream but also the social ills of the era.

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