Discourse power and violence

In the resident narratives we find a series of fragmented verbal discourses, chaotic, not organized were the terror to excessive closeness to death was present. What does this contract with the devil symbolize: the era of a struggle between good and evil?

Coming to terms with violence and resistance: From a language of effects to a language of responses. Google Scholar Stobbe, L. Even being aware of the traps that the images may pose, the uniqueness of the places led us to reflect on the issue of geographic space and its occupation by the subjects.

The social construction of rape in the talk of a convicted rapist. Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy, 19, 23— The innocence of the poor and the evils of riches? When exploring the territory we were referred to this mythical location in the Vila, the reference for controlling the forces of chaos and evil. Magnani, , p. When a criminal act is attributed to illness, the individual does not escape social power and control. Google Scholar Migliaccio, T. The Vila is compressed between the middle class neighborhoods and the favela which climbs the slopes of the bordering mountains, illegally occupying the territory. Google Scholar Hamberger, L. Violence Against Women, 8, — She began to have misgivings that someone was listening to our conversation, peered through the blinds and examined the ceiling of the room for cameras, saying: Do you think they are filming us? This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

The criminal boss becomes a taboo and those who defy it have to pay the price for transgression. This Pedra seems to be the center from which violence emanates and is controlled, the place where paths meet and local criminal gangs encounter each other.

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References for further reading Foucault, M. We reached the navel of the Vila: the center of transformed energies and communication, the center ensuring communication between men and primordial chaos, in this case, violence.

This was chosen as the object of the research due to its relevance, be that the statistical scale of the events or the psycho-social impacts on the population living in close proximity with contact with the bodies of homicide victims.

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Discourses and images of violence