Diary entries from world war 2

The courtyard was completely covered in ash and rubble. I was fortunate if I did not see Winston for 6 hours.

A hell of a session.

ww2 diary entry from a child

It fell slowly out of the clouds, nose foremost, just like a snipe that has been shot high overhead. Pistol and gun shots were heard throughout the entire day.

The first three strings had frightened me, but not until the few seconds of delay at the exit did my throat and chest tighten up. There were only six of us at that point and we had to find a suitable spot to shoot and bury them.

German soldier diary ww2

Yes there will be victory, we just have to believe in it, defend our country and drive the enemy out. The Germans are meant to leave Paris by 11 in the morning. And with it came the bombing and the shooting. In Leningrad alone, as many as , civilians starved to death as the Germans placed the city under siege for over two years, from September to January Will I ever live in better times? In all the hotels, all you see is luggage, cars, lorries. The war is very close now. Strange, I am completely unmoved. As the preparation for the takeoff nears, I feel a heavy pressure on me. They had been handing out coal all night, as they are leaving. This was more than normally sick making. I was cold and vaguely dissatisfied with my slit-trench. When I reached the kitchen the whole family, excluding Pop, was looking over at the Navy Yard. Another string of bombs started to whine down.

At the time the entry above was written, Lena was living with her aunt, who tragically died from hunger a month later.

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WW2 Diary Entries