Cultural factors and americas obesity epidemic essay

Over the past 10 years, the World Health Organization WHO has recognized the increasing number of people who are overweight or obese, and attention is now being given to the global implications associated with this trend.

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In response to overwhelming scrutiny over misleading labels, big cereal companies like Kelloggs, General Mills, and Post Foods have begun making small changes to their products. Many of those cultures consist of healthy eating- others not too much.

The anatomic alterations from these surgical procedures can result in myriad micronutrient deficiencies that require the skills of a clinical nutritionist for long-term management. Obesity has many causes ranging from eating habits, food preparation, unhealthy physical lifestyles, transportation and more.

Cultural factors and americas obesity epidemic essay

Other cross-sectional studies have shown similar associations between fast food intake and increased body weight. It is also working with the University of Auckland New Zealand to analyse the impact that globalization and rapid socioeconomic transition have on nutrition and to identify the main political, socioeconomic, cultural and physical factors which promote obesogenic environments. And one need not spend money to exercise. Obesity is one of the most frequent causes of preventable death in developed nations Bauer et al. Obese patients are also at risk for restrictive lung disease as well as central or obstructive sleep apnea. According to Holtz , obese people have outnumbered the undernourished, with the World Health Organization estimating that 1. Most consumers are unaware of the dietary content of restaurant foods. As changes to the healthcare system in the United States are discussed, plans should be offered that directly and aggressively target obesity through health initiatives and prevention programs.

Childhood obesity in America A. It has become a growing epidemic. Given the recent trends, it is estimated that 1.

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Every 1 in 3 adults are obese right here in America, that should give each and every individual some type of hint that there is a major problem occurring.

Understanding the impact of social inequalities on health has become a public health priority in the new millennium.

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Although little is being done about obesity, it's affecting the lives of many but mostly children and by a multitude of different factors. Wilson states that many children who are obese develop health complications, such as joint, gallbladder, and sleeping problems. Hatherleigh Press, Various reasons and theories are thrown around as to the cause of this severe problem by psychologists, dietitians, and professors trying to pinpoint a single cause. A second prospective study examined the effect of sucrose and artificial sweeteners on weight gain in a population of overweight adults. The government has made many approaches to reshape our food system and attempt to force us to buy the foods that make us fat. Prospective studies have linked increased intake of sweetened beverages directly with increased weight gain. Studies have shown how obesity in children may start, and how it affects each and every child in America. Obese patients are also at risk for restrictive lung disease as well as central or obstructive sleep apnea. This epidemic is child obesity. So, who is to blame for the increased number of obese people in the United States Obesity become an important focus in the news items during the year

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Impakter Essay: The Obesity Epidemic