Crash movie persian gun store

How believable was that to you?

Farhad crash

He's Iraqi? The gun store owner would not have responded the way he did, but it is clear she intended to buy blanks. I heard it was a case of uncontrollable flatulence. I'll give you a lesson. She didn't say "give me a box of blanks" because the writer can't, in the context of the story, reveal that she's buying blanks. Stay away from me! Do I look like I'm fucking joking with you? Look at me.

Thanks for the eloquent summation of what are also my ambivalent feelings about the film. Only after opening the door do they realize that Cameron is black.

Graham from the movie crash

I want his name. There's a cut to the shoes, with Phillipe looking down at them, just before the shooting. But she asks for the "red box", and she cuts off the gun shop owner's lecture, because she deos NOT want to SAY that they're blanks. Can I touch it? You know, didn't I just ask you not to treat me like a child? If the director is trying to sell this as a serious drama, than yeah, I agree it is far from a good picture, much less the best picture of the year, but somehow, when taken in the context of a sort of modern day faerie tale, I thinks it works pretty well. Bad WOOK. You think I'm stupid? In Peter's hand is a statuette similar to the one on Hansen's dash and, horrified, Hansen hides the body in some nearby bushes and burns his car. Sherman Oaks. Look what you do my car.

She steps in and disarms him in the only way she can think of. I'm saying this 'cause I'm hoping that I'm wrong about you. Then I guess the big mystery is who gathered all those remarkably different cultures together and taught them all how to park their cars on their lawns?

She didn't want the dad to have a gun to begin with, right?

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I pay! I have right to buy gun. Stuff him in the back. You tell me, and I'll tell them. I think he is a very caring, kind husband and father, and is tired of being treated like an infectious disease or like he is a part of the Taliban. You have no idea why they put them great big windows on the sides of buses, do you? I don't think that scene made a whole lot of sense, but I think that was the point of it. I'd listen to your husband, ma'am. Sample size: five. Maybe it whooshed straight over my head, but I didn't think that the purchase of the blank was intentional.

Again, similar to what brickbacon said, Ryan Phillipe is eager to prove himself as a "good" white man, in contrast to his overtly racist partner.

BirdmonsterPM I agree. How in the lunacy of your mind is hip-hop music of the oppressor?

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As far as I can recall, that's the only reason he was trying to buy a gun. Three strikes law.

Crash movie persian gun store

You be sure to let me know next time you wanna finger-fuck my wife. Like I'm gonna believe she's a fairy.

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