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From traditional creators to those of conceptual thought, we celebrate these women known not only for their work but their confident, eccentric style as well.

It also demonstrates a progression in approach. Others, understand Sherman's approach as critically-ironic parody of female stereotypes. She was the trendsetter in terms of distorted characters within self-portraiture. Learn more about our summer program.

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They are a comment on the intersection of art and taste, they are a comment on pornography and the way porn objectifies the men and women who pose for it, they are a comment on social discomfort with overt sexuality, and they are a comment on the relationship between sex and violence.

The Untitled Film Stills fall into several distinct groups: The first six are grainy and slightly out of focus e. Each portrait represents a different woman, and although she pulls from many common stereotypes, the portraits are always sympathetic to, rather than mocking, her subjects.

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This theme brings us to Cindy Sherman. When I became involved with close-ups I needed more information in the expression. Not only has her work been sparking discussion since the s, but it has also started fetching millions at auction in more recent years. They have a shared interest in arranging bodies, like a puppeteer, in diorama-like scenes. It stuck with me, and I used it in The Dogwood Thieves, which is a painting of two women clutching a hat. With wetted hair and a tensed position, she appears as if she just walked off the set of a horror film. In addition to the Untitled Film Stills series, she has continued to explore women as subject matter, often donning elaborate disguises in large-scale color photographs, throughout her career. An overarching characteristic of her heroines were those that did not follow conventional ideas of marriage and family. They are male and female, young and aging; they are street kids, workers and yuppies. When you can name something, you can laugh at it. Her father worked as an engineer for Grumman Aircraft.

The shots were also largely taken in her own apartment. She mirrored my state of mind at the time, a woman artist who was tired of all the bravado of the male-dominated art world.

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Eyes closed, bare of any artifice but the slightest hint of makeup, Sherman is shown totally unmasked.

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The Cindy Sherman Effect