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Here are some examples of quotations integrated into the grammar of the sentence. Both versions introduce Tom Bombadil without further explanation as "a merry fellow" The page should be called Works Cited.

It will save your time on developing References page later.

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The volume of the poem matters when making a choice. Longer poem titles must be cited in italics. Each citation from the poetry must be referenced in full at the end of the MLA paper.

How to cite a poem in mla works cited

Do not overload your text with quotations from the discussed poem - quote the words of others without getting too enthusiastic. Believe us it works! You may single space the quotation, but do not centre the text and do not change the font. It shows your understanding of the studied material. Indent the excerpt 10 spaces from the left margin on each line. Use your own thoughts more. Do not use quotation marks in a block quote unless these are original quote marks in the poem. Mention a page or specific line number if known. The number next to the citation corresponds to the number of the specific line.

Important Rules for Citing Poems in a Right Way Explain Your Choice The Golden Rule number one states: if the students cite a poem, they must add valuable feedback or comments to explain why particular lines of the poem were chosen to share. Conclusion Now you have learned how to cite a poem and that poem quotation is one of the best methods to prove you've really read the anthology and you understood the author and his aim.

how to cite a poem in mla works cited page
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How to Quote and Cite a Poem in an Essay Using MLA Format