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As always, thanks for your world-class work and your continuing commitment to The Times. We know that we must take a holistic approach — looking at each coverage area not simply in terms of overall audience but at how we can build a stronger business and get more paying customers for what we produce.

Those analytics and best practices will be shared across the newsroom. Norm and Scott. Her presence immediately settled the staff. Kraft explained in a phone call with Poynter that part of the issue is the Times has spent much of the past rebuilding a lot of things since separating from the Tribune company a year ago, as well as changing content management systems.

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The LA Times runs an annual, excellent Festival of Books I'm a guest again this year where the kinds of books that LA Times staffers -- and other newspaper writers -- have written for decades are rightfully celebrated. She organized Waffle Wednesday, personally bringing in waffle irons and ingredients that she set out in the middle of the section; she also invited people from other departments to join.

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Kimi always operated with the highest of integrity. Digital conversions are our top priority between now and the end of the year.

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Trouble at the Los Angeles Times: Memo says digital subscriptions way below goal