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He carried her a blanket to keep her warm on her walk to the Welcome Table with him. It is as if they are stuck in the borderline of what is sanely dark or pure evil. The thinking of those involved in the action. Her uses of symbols stand to give meaning to words and thoughts everyone can unconsciously understand. This might have been done to make the story timeless. This is depicted by the manner in which He remains silent even after the old woman takes to reporting the suffering she had gone through. Walker, My feelings were heightened in the story because of the omniscient point of view I was able to observe the action and see inside just like I was there. Lyrics of the Freedom Songs. Clugston, , Section 7. We will write a custom essay sample on The Welcome Table by Alice Walker or any similar topic only for you Order Now They see her and transfer their fear of blacks onto her.

Related posts:. A note on adults' color-emotion associations. Walker writes this story straight through for the most part with only two breaks. This story of prose is a story about an old woman ready to die and as she makes her last visit to the church she only gazes up at the sky and she has nothing to say.

This makes her receive salvation in a manner she least expects: by walking with Jesus to heaven. The climax to the story is when she sees Jesus approach her asking her to follow him.

Human Resource 7. She had opted to find solace and warmth inside the Church but that does not happen at all walker, In conclusion, it is fair to postulate that the old woman and the Church have been depicted in a rather different and distinct manner.

Walker writes this story straight through for the most part with only two breaks. He despised religious piety without love and compassion, just as he portrayed in his reproof of the Pharisees. The story concludes with a brief shift to the white congregation returning to their rituals and unaware of the theological opportunity presented to them through this aging old woman. The point of view then switches back to the white women inside the church, who take it as a personal insult and feel the most threatened about the old black lady being at their church. Later in the story, she is walking up the road with Jesus, who came to get her and take her to The Welcome Table that she always spoke of. Considering is analyzing. Her treatment by the church members was sad, but expected by her because of the way she had been treated throughout her ife. For example, when the men in the church picked the old woman up by her arms and carried her out of the church. The perspective then changes to the old black lady. Ethics and Responsibility 6. Thus, this is a discerning element for Christians who believe that the Church is the only place where their savior resides. Management 4.

Brown is a round character because he is afraid of the forest and lurking around trees thinking Indians or the devil would jump out. References Clugston, R.

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Operation and Production 9. Her unhappy and hard life as a black woman was symbolized by the way she went to the church for her last time.

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This continual transition between the differing views was good, in that it depicts the uncertainties, feelings, and emotional state of everyone in this story. There were many challenges that Bilbo Baggins faced in the book The Hobbit and the way he handled these challenges that were thrown at him is what made him a hero.

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Analysis of "The Welcome Table" by Alice Walker