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Belgium, Dubai and Israel still purchase conflict diamonds from Cote d'Ivoire since the monitoring system remains weak and because UN forces are unable to protect the country's diamond mining zones.

Many of those who were captured had their hands and feet hacked off by machetes there were an estimatedvictims of mutilationand others were forced to work as slaves in the country's diamond mines.

The Bozize regime maintains strict control over the diamond industry, imposing high taxes on exports to line its own pockets.

Some think the argument over whether it is resource scarcity or resource abundance that triggers conflict is a false dichotomy. In the new resource wars, rebellion is just a branch of capitalism.

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What is valuable is the local abundance of a resource that is increasingly scarce globally. If they are lucky they will find two or three such slivers in a day. That may be true. Ross sees two ways for rich resources to stir up trouble. The exact definition Kimberley Process provides for a conflict diamond is one that has been "used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. A million diamond diggers in Africa earn less than a dollar a day, causing widespread poverty and community suffering. We don't know if the diamonds are coming from the Central African Republic where there is a war, or from artisanal mines in Sierra Leone where people are paid next to nothing," he added. One reason: any changes to the criteria must be made by consensus. What are the arguments for and against intervention in countries racked by violence and human rights abuses? Kindamba has no idea where the diamonds come from. Diamonds with a Kimberley Process Certificate are guaranteed to be conflict-free. As we strip the planet bare of timber, oil and other natural resources, the theory goes, the most ravaged and least-endowed countries will descend into civil conflict. Yet, Liberian officials warned that despite government efforts, illegal diamond mining takes place in the country, which opens the door for smuggling.

Without oil, the civil war was at a stalemate; with oil it can only escalate. While the author acknowledges that these measures may economically impact Congolese artisanal miners, he argues that natural resources also play a harmful role in war-torn areas.

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It does not require diamonds to be traced to their mine of origin, allowing smuggled diamonds to obtain "conflict free" certification and enter world markets. Food shortages were greatest in the south of the country; yet the killing started among militias in the north. Do you agree? This worrying discovery comes at a turbulent time in Zimbabwe, as the government coalition is on the verge of collapse. Despite the all of the potential benefits of pit lakes, governments are hesitant to proceed because excessive amounts of phosphorus have made it difficult to sustain life. How should responsibility be allocated? Taylor has denied all 11 charges brought against him, which include the crimes of murder, rape and turning children into soldiers. How does that help us? But the lineage of one of the most valuable products that many consumers will ever buy in their lifetime remains shrouded in uncertainty, and too often the people who do the arduous work of digging those precious stones from the earth are the ones who benefit the least. Armed groups trade these minerals to buy weapons, thus prolonging the war. Banned diamonds reach in this way the international market, a UN report said. The Liberian government has redoubled its efforts to meet the UN requirements for the removal of the sanctions, including establishing a Task Force to ensure full adherence to the Kimberley process. However, sanctioning diamonds could be ruinous because the gems could transform the economic fortunes of this poverty ridden country. UK Ambassador to the UN Emyr Jones Parry says that the resolution shows recognition of the progress that the Liberian government has made in the certification of diamonds, showing their origin. Hundreds of miners die every year in tunnel collapses that are seldom reported because they happen so often.

The burden of putting an end to blood diamonds also lies upon the shoulders of consumers.

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