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The model highlights the interests of different stakeholders in the organization such as shareholders, management, employee groups, government, community and unions and how their interests are related to the objectives of management. Wise planners pay particular attention to demographic changes, shrinking financial support, strengthening curriculum, and attracting, developing, and retaining effective teachers.

But often some managers follow their own plans and ignore the strategic plans of the organization and organization face problems in strategic planning and targets achieving. Budget, result and financial analysis: This section provides an overview of all types of costs that is included or involve in implementing the introduced and proposed marketing plan.

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Based on the above analysis, the main propositions emerging from this model that can be used for examining its applicability and for determining the nature of SHRIMP in different contexts are: What is the influence of different stakeholders and situational and contingent variables on HARM policies?

The contextual emphasis Based on the human resource policy framework provided by the Harvard model, researchers at the Centre for Corporate Strategy and Change at Warwick Business School have developed an understanding of strategy- making in complex organizations and have related this to the ability to transform HARM practices.

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But it has been seen that in some organizations there is a communication gap, lack of knowledge sharing, and lack of market research, feedback due to which company face problems in achieving goals and objectives. The opportunities describe the markets where the business can succeed in terms of future and in terms of identifying the opportunity that is almost external.

It is asserted that this model fails o perceive the potential for a reciprocal relationship between HER strategy and organizational strategy Lenience-Hall and Lenience-Hall, Strategic plan of marketing helps to realize the strategic side of the market. Objective: In this section the marketer define the future achievement that needs to achieve through marketing plan and this objective should be specific and measurable.

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It can also help organizations achieve competitive advantage by creating unique HARM systems that cannot be imitated by others Barney, ; Hustled et al. Bombproof et al. Improved teamwork -By working together in envisioning your future, you will experience an enhanced sense of teamwork and commitment, which leads to better implementation. Discussion of marketing plan elements Typical marketing plan Competitor analysis With the increased formulation of business strategy, there is a consideration of industry competitors and strategies of the industry. Bordeaux, Every business requires proper marketing so this is a misconception that it is not needed for small or needed only for big business. However in some organizations managers do not share knowledge and there is a communication gap between the different layers of management, which results the ineffective use of resources. Assignment 3 Talent Management Strategy HRM Developing a strategic plan for an organization despite its size requires the establishment of a standard.

As an essential management tool the policy should encompass aspects of why the school is heading in a particular direction, set realistic goals leading toward the ultimate intention and how milestones will be achieved.

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