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Matt snarfed the cheesy pizza. If you prefer organizing paper-based resources, create an old-fashioned filing system with six folders or a set of six three-ring binders.

Everyday items that get smaller are Russian stacking dolls, Tupperware, and nesting boxes. The Six Traits of Writing 1.

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You start with a hook that gives the reader a reason to care about your topic. Which signs and billboards attract your attention? Compare it to this: "You better slow down a little. Think Aloud about how the excerpt impacts the reader's comprehension. There is no need to do them all at once.

Conventions No, we're not talking about the fun kind of conventions where you dress up as Wonder Woman or The Incredible Hulk while you buy comic books and fried food.

Pass it around a group of students, with the rule that each person must add or change one word to make the sentence more interesting.

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Successful writers do not "tell" readers things they already know; e. That's the test. After all, students' writing doesn't improve by listening to the teacher. The following sections will give you specific ideas for mentor texts and suggested activities to jump start activities for 6 trait writing. Consider inserting some compound sentences and then put your draft through the Slinky Test. Voice Voice is perhaps the hardest of the traits to define. Conventions is the only trait where we make specific grade level accommodations, and expectations should be based on grade level to include only those skills that have been taught. Make one big list of details. This way you can help students when they are in the middle of the writing process instead of after they are "done. Content This trait is also called ideas. Have them explain why they chose each hook as their favorite. What's the impact of the skill on the message? Students feel the same when the 6 traits are new to them, too. Why do you reach for one CD over another? But what about when students are working at home?
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6+1 Traits of Writing